HP and the PC

Personal Computers have vastly changed the way we perform simple tasks. We’re able to create, store, and manage vast amounts of data in something that has a smaller footprint than a recipe box. According to Wired magazine we have HP (Hewlett-Packard) to thank. Now the internet has turned PCs into something altogether more wonderful, and astounding, but even on their own HP changed the world with PCs. Homes and businesses across the world from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, and Alaska use PCs. We use them for work, and play, or just to make our lives easier in small ways.

Obviously not every PC is made by HP, but we do have them to thank for the first one. It was one heck of an invention too. Typing on a keyboard (or leopard technically) is infinitely easier than typing on a type writer. Modern keys are soft and sensitive, by comparison they require just a light graze of the finger, they don’t jam if you type too quickly, and they’re not angled so you can type on a level surface. The ability to go back and edit a document for spelling and grammar without having to rewrite it to include the corrections is huge. The ease of typing also means we spend less time hand writing early drafts, a benefit for those of us with illegible hand writing, it also helps save money on paper, pens, etc. Also if we’re being honest it saves time when you can’t find that first draft you know you put somewhere safe but it has since mysteriously disappeared wherever things stored safely go.

PCs have brought entertainment and gaming to people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities across national boundaries. While this may not have been HP’s intent when they created the first PC, and it wasn’t, it’s a happy accident. Sometimes, things created for business can have a profound impact on personal lives. While PCs may have started off as a way to increase work place productivity they’ve expanded out. It’s odd to think that there was once a time where companies didn’t have computers for every employee who needed them and that workers would have to go to a central computer to perform certain tasks. It’s also hard to remember that there was once a time computers with considerably less power than the average cell phone would take up a room that we would now use for entire network and server systems. PCs, intended to be used in small spaces by individual workers drove the wheel of innovation forward.

So if you use your home computer (even if it’s a laptop) for fun or work you have the people of HP to thank for making the first strides to where we are now. Full desktop computers may be decreasing their market share, and losing it to tablets, and laptops; they still have an important role for many companies’ home businesses and gamers. So if you’re a gamer in Anchorage Alaska or a web designer in Los Angeles California, even if you’re not using an HP, you’re benefiting from an old HP.

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