Conditions that Can Be Detected by Vision Exams, St Paul MN

Vision exams, St Paul MN is meant to monitor the eyes and during this, a number of health conditions can be detected. Though the screening is done through the eyes, it will detect both eye problems as well as systemic diseases that affect other organs and tissues. As such, an eye specialist can detect a number of systemic diseases that you are not aware that you are suffering from. The most common disorder that can be detected by examining the eyes include:

 *  Cataracts – Cataracts is a disease that affects the lens of the eye thus causing blurred vision is usually detected by vision exams. If it is not treated immediately, it will spread leading to loss of sight. Cataracts are usually painless when they develop and you will only experience blurred vision and at times spots in your vision. The cataracts can be treated by a surgical operation as soon as they are discovered before they cause blindness.

 *  Glaucoma – Glaucoma is a condition that affects the optic nerves and if it is not corrected early, it leads to irreversible loss of vision. There are no early signs and having exams done is the only way that it can be detected.

 *  Diabetes – Diabetes is a condition whereby the body is not able to regulate the blood sugar level either due to failure to produce insulin or the inability to utilize the produced insulin. Blurred vision is an early sign of diabetes that can be diagnosed by vision exams. As the disease advances, the blood vessels in the eyes become weak and this might lead to hemorrhage. The examination can detect such a hemorrhage due to the presence of blood in the retina. Thus, a visit to an eye specialist may help in the diagnosis of diabetes for patients who are not aware that they are suffering from this condition.

 *  Hypertension – High blood pressure will affect the eyes because it causes nerve damage and dizziness leading to blurred vision. Vision exams can reveal abnormalities in the blood vessels, which are attributed to high blood pressure. If the eye doctor notices any symptom that is related to high blood  pressure, they will refer you to a hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment. You will be required to take more exams for the vision once you have received the treatment for hypertension.

Vision exams, St Paul MN can diagnose the above conditions and many others that have a serious effect if not treated early. These conditions are hereditary and can also be acquired thus everyone is at risk. So having exams regularly done is important so as to maintain good health for the eye and the entire body. Once systemic diseases are detected, they will be treated thus reducing their effect on your eyesight.

Vision exams in St Paul MN are important because they play a big role in diagnosing eye problems as well as systemic diseases.

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