Saving Space in Your Home With Functional Pocket Doors

There are many homeowners today, especially those who live in apartments or condo style homes who are looking to do what they can to save on space in order to make their home a more functional place to live. There are a number of ways that the average homeowner can do this. However, one of the most functional and effective solutions that many are turning to is to replace their existing doors with pocket doors in order to save space.

There are a few reasons as to why pocket doors are such a popular option, especially when it comes to doing a door replacement. When you think about a tight space in your home where a door is present, you will notice just how much room that door is taking up by needing space to swing open and closed. There are often several feet in front of the average door that have to be left open in order for the door to operate correctly. If you are already looking at low square footage, this can be a substantial amount of space in the home. If you were able to eliminate the space that the door needs to swing open and close you would find you could save a great deal of space in the home. The good news is this is all possible with pocket doors.

Pocket doors are designed to slide open and closed instead of swinging open and closed. However, the thing that makes pocket doors unique from other sliding door options is that they actually slide into the wall or a ‘pocket’ in the wall so they are concealed completely when the door is open. This means you don’t need to have any additional wall space on either side of the door in order to accommodate a traditional sliding door option. This is why these doors are such great solutions for smaller spaces.

While pocket doors can be installed in virtually any room in the home, they are typically most popular in rooms like bathrooms, closets and pantry areas or any other space in the home where you may have a small room or storage area surrounded by little to no hallway or wall space. Even though it can seem like a complicated process to have pocket doors installed, since you will need to create a pocket for the sliding door to enter into, inside the wall, they are actually quickly installed in the home and are quite easy to add to any property. All you need to do is find the right company that specializes in pocket doors and you can have your new space-saving door installed in no time at all.

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