Considering Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Think Twice!

When facing a major debt problem, you might be easily tempted to file bankruptcy to finally put an end to all your worries. But before you do that, you have to consider first its implications on your future.

Basically, all debt relief options available for you have their own unique drawbacks. For instance, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tacoma, WA allows you to reorganize your finances so that you can repay all debts in a three- to five-year period. However, it also requires you to underwrite portions of your monthly income for payment of debts. This means that you’ll be living on a strict budget throughout the repayment period.

Before you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tacoma, WA, consider asking yourself questions such as: How can it affect your future spending power? Can you live a tight-budget lifestyle? Will you be able to get by with your other financial obligations? Forward thinking can help you come up with the most beneficial decision that does not sacrifice your comforts. When considering any of the debt relief options, make sure that you evaluate its entirety and not just its positive aspects.

Filing bankruptcy can definitely help you out of the financial sinkhole, however it entails a lot of paybacks in the future. As what many bankruptcy lawyers may say, declaring bankruptcy is a double-edged sword that you can use either for your advantage or for your detriment. As such, before you file any of the bankruptcy plans, it is essential that your do some serious discernment of all the repercussions of your decision.

Chapter 13 in Tacoma, WA entails a tedious legal process before it can be completed. It requires the borrower to prove his incapability to pay the debt. By consulting a bankruptcy lawyer, you will be assisted through the legal process and help get a fresh start at your finances.

The federal laws provide borrowers who are facing debt problems a chance to start anew. Under Title 11 of the United States Code, borrowers and lenders can work out a remedy that is satisfactory to both parties. Declaring bankruptcy is among these options. Contrary to what many people think, bankruptcy does not mean evading financial obligations. Usually, it is the last resort by which lenders can take their money back.

Chapter 13 in Tacoma, WA is just one of the bankruptcy plans a borrower can choose. Through this debt relief option, the borrower is given a long-term repayment scheme, usually three to five years, to clear off all debts. Under this debt relief plan, the lender agrees to receive a partial lump sum payment while the remaining balance will have to be spread over an extended repayment plan. Portions of the borrower’s monthly salary will be allotted for the repayment of the debt and goes straight to the court. Once the repayment period is completed, the debtor is freed from all financial accountabilities and can start rebuilding his credit. A great advantage of this bankruptcy plan is that the assets of the borrower remain intact throughout the payment process.

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