Coordinate Your Next Corporate Function With A Mobile Event App

Being put in charge of organizing and coordinating your next corporate function or meeting can be a lot of work. However, if you take advantage of the various features offered in a mobile meeting app you will find that the technology, options and the ability to stay in touch with everyone can make this a very low stress event.

Arrivals and Pre-meeting Events

Communicating transportation and logistics can be tricky, especially when everyone is arriving from various locations. You can include transportation options in the mobile event app, even request that folks utilize the bulletin board to carpool from the airport to your destination.

The mobile meeting app can also be set up to include maps and travel directions, local hotels or restaurants or other attractions in the area. This gives those that come in early things to do and see.

App Introductions

Not everyone attending larger corporate meetings personally knows the other people so setting up a list of everyone attending on the mobile meeting app with their title or position, aCoordinate Your Next Corporate Function With A Mobile Event App photo, and quick bio can be very helpful. This information can also contain social media contact information and email and phone contacts, perfect for those that need to talk in advance of the meeting.

Sending this in advance of the meeting, within the mobile event app, keeps the information secure and private but also provides attendees with a chance to become comfortable in matching a face to a name. You can provide the option for each person to go in and add his or her own information, further reducing your workload to coordinate the meeting.

Agendas, files and documentation can also be loaded directly onto the mobile meeting app. Attendees can print out hard copies or simply use the uploaded version directly from their smartphone, tablet or iPad to follow along, add or edit the information as needed.

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