Cosmetic Dentistry Orland Park IL: A Reason to Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Orland Park IL is about beauty, confidence, and a great first impression. But, that is not all. Good dentists also know a great smile is about healthy, pain-free teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentists are experts in attending to all of these needs. They help patients find the confidence they desire while keeping teeth free of cavities and protected from germs and infection. What else can they do for customers?

  • Cosmetic dentists have the same training and degree as other dentists (DDS), with additional specialties. They are fully equipped to practice general as well as cosmetic dentistry.
  • They offer services including bonding, bridges, crowns, dentures, fillings, implants, re-contouring of gums, veneers, and long-lasting whitening.
  • These services are not merely cosmetic. They help protect teeth and gums from disease, decay, and damage. Every cosmetic procedure is designed to beautify and protect teeth.
  • Cosmetics dentists are also trained in oral surgery, orthodontics (braces and retainers), and periodontics (the treatment of infection and inflammation from plaque buildup).
  • Many have evening and weekend hours to fit any schedule. They also make emergency appointments and accept most types of insurance.
  • Most have financing options and payment plans. They are willing to work with patients and insurance companies to make sure treatments are affordable for everyone.

Dental offices like RK Smiles realize beauty, confidence, and health are connected They offer additional cosmetic services, such as Juvederm and Botox injections, in a comfortable, familiar, safe environment. They also understand the anxiety many patients feel when going to the dentist. To help patients get through the worry and pain of procedures, many offer sedation dentistry. Patients can be partially sedated with Nitrous Oxide, which wears off quickly after the procedure. Or, they can be sedated with a convenient oral medication. Both help to relax patients, reduce anxiety, and raise the pain threshold, so the initial stick of an anesthetic injection is no longer an issue.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Orland Park IL has been growing and changing with new technologies and comprehensive services. These experts understand the positive impact of healthy, attractive teeth on patients and those who see their smiles.

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