Create Team Spirit with Printed Lanyards

Schools are constantly trying to increase the safety of their students, as well as increase team spirit in the school. One of the best ways to achieve both goals is with printed lanyards. These lightweight, easy-to-wear accessories can be printed with your school’s team name, logo or any other information your school wants to display. As an added benefit, they can be used to carry IDs and various other important items students in any school need to carry.

Protection for IDs

The security in schools is becoming increasingly important. Most schools require students to carry a school ID to identify who they are and to allow them to travel the halls of the school safely. Rather than requiring students to carry the IDs in purses or wallets, provide them with printed lanyards that are not only functional but also stylish, making students agreeable to carrying an ID and having to prove their identity through the halls of the school. They also provide a uniform way for everyone to easily show their IDs during the school day.


As an added benefit of providing students with an easy way to carry their IDs, the sale of the printed lanyards can be used as a fundraiser for the school. The lanyards are priced low enough that a majority of parents will not have a problem purchasing one for their children. The proceeds of the sale can go to the school to purchase important equipment, books or various other important items schools are constantly in need of.

Safety Lanyards

Schools for younger children who play on the playground or partake in any type of sporting activities would do best to order safety lanyards. The premise behind the safety lanyard is to reduce the risk of choking or other injury. If the lanyard was to become caught on a piece of playground equipment or a friend playfully grabbed the lanyard, it would snap off to prevent the cord from tangling or strangling.

Printed lanyards can be a fun way to provide students with a way to show their IDs. Choosing your school name, logo or the image of your mascot is the perfect way to instill team spirit in your school, while increasing its safety. Students in elementary, middle, high school or even college can wear the lanyard for safety, as well as a feeling of school spirit.

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