Five Steps to Save Money on Greenlee Tools

Ask any contractor or home improvement expert and you will hear that Greenlee tools are some of the highest quality tools on the market. The Greenlee company has been manufacturing state-of-the-art tools for nearly 150 years and providing cutting edge technology to home builders and electricians all over the world.  From power tools to fiber optic instruments, Greenlee tools provide the highest quality and most innovative designs. If you are looking for ways to fill up your toolbox on a budget, here are five simple steps to help you save money on Greenlee tools.

First, check with local retailers and home improvement stores in your area. Each home improvement store will have its own preferred brands for tools, but many carry Greenlee products or can special order the tools on request. Get prices from local retailers and use these as a starting point.

Second, do a little research on the Internet. Check websites that offer wholesale prices on tools or research if you can get discounts by ordering tools directly from Greenlee. The Internet has an abundance of websites dedicated to home improvement supplies and building materials. With a little web surfing, you can uncover some amazing prices on Greenlee tools and your other favorite brands.

Third, talk to local contractors and get recommendations on the best place to purchase tools. Because contractors often buy tools in bulk, they can get great prices and quantity discounts. It’s possible that you can place a combined order to save money on your next big tool purchase. If nothing else, the contractors in your area can give you tips on the best local stores to get low prices on tools.

Fourth, ask for discounts. Most home improvement stores offer discounts as special promotions. Some stores even offer to match competitor prices. If you find an amazing deal online and prefer not to pay expensive shipping charges, check with your local home improvement store and see if they can do a price match on Greenlee tools in the store. You might be surprised at how often retailers will come down on their prices when you just take the time to ask.

Finally, consider buying Greenlee tools used. You can often find an assortment of tools for sale when body shops or home building centers go out of business.  Storage auctions are another great place to score tools at a major discount. If all else fails, check online auction sites where you can place a bid on the tools you want and control the top amount you are willing to spend.  If you look carefully, you can probably find some gently used Greenlee tools in the local classified ads or even in secondhand stores.

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