Denied Unemployment Benefits? Hire Employment Law Attorneys in Springfield, MA

When a person loses their job in the United States, they can collect unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks. During severe recessions, the US Congress often extends these benefits. States may also extend benefits, if their unemployment rate reaches a specified trigger level. Employees must meet certain criteria to qualify for unemployment benefits. They must have worked at least one quarter during the year and they had to be laid off by their employer. People who quit their jobs are not eligible for unemployment. People who are fired for a good reason are also not able to collect these benefits. When a person believes they are unjustly fired, they should contact Employment Law Attorneys Springfield MA to help them receive unemployment compensation.

Americans don’t have many alternatives when they lose their job in this economy. Many are already living paycheck to paycheck and aren’t able to put savings aside. When they are unexpectedly fired, they have no other means of income. It’s embarrassing for a hard-working person that has been fired to fight for their rights. They are often too embarrassed and don’t want anyone to know. However, when they see how bad things can get financially, they contact an attorney from Connor Morneau & Olin. This law firm has a reputation for helping people who were fired without good cause get their benefits.

A school bus driver made a mistake on their route and was fired because of this. When she tried to collect unemployment benefits, she was denied. She was instantly left without any source of income. She turned to Employment Law Attorneys Springfield MA who fought vigorously for her right to collect unemployment. They appealed her case all the way to the Boston Board of Review and won. She was awarded months of retroactive benefits and guaranteed the right to them in the future.

Sometimes employers make unfounded claims to prevent a worker from getting unemployment benefits. This was the case of an acupuncturist who was accused of financial mismanagement and fired. It takes courage to fight such a claim. With the help of an employment lawyer, these allegations were disproved at a hearing. She was then able to collect her unemployment benefits and put her life back on track. Visit the site for more details.



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