Depression and the Elderly

In the years after someone retires, as their pace of life slows down, depression is most common.  As we grow older, friends and loved ones pass away, and many people experience the loss of a partner, often someone they have been married to for a long time.  These events can all lead to anxiety, depression and social isolation.  But by choosing a care agency that can provide a companionship service to your elderly relative, you can be sure that they have some company during the day, when you’re at work, and that they will be healthier and happier on a daily basis.


Symptoms of depression can vary, but could include lethargy, weakness, palpitations and headaches. In elderly people, hallucinations or visual symptoms are more common, although it’s important to have health checks to rule out the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions.  Those suffering from depression may benefit from extra support from a nursing care in Abingdon, who can assist with tasks such as housework, cooking or personal care, including getting up and dressed in the morning, if this is a struggle.


As well as support from a care agency and relatives, those suffering from depression have several options for treatment.  Medication, in the form of antidepressants, has been shown to be successful at improving the symptoms of over 80% of sufferers.  If the medication route is not quite right for you, other options include counselling and cognitive therapy, or even hypnotherapy.  Combined with a healthy diet and regular periods outdoors, therapy can go a long way to relieving the symptoms of depression.


We all need company, and for an elderly person who has just retired, the days can seem endless, with nobody around to chat to.  Care agencies can provide a carer who is happy to sit and chat over a cup of tea, read to your relatives or take them shopping or to the cinema.  Whatever sort of company they are looking for, it can be comforting to know that they aren’t spending their days alone.  If you live some distance away and work long hours, it can often be hard to find the time to visit, and knowing that they have somebody to spend time with can give you real peace of mind.


Many elderly people are fairly isolated, whether due to losing loved ones or simply being too frail to go outdoors.  With the assistance of a nursing care agency in Abingdon, your relatives will have the opportunity to go to their local day centre and meet other people, or go shopping, for walks or to a range of other activities, accompanied by a qualified, experienced carer.  Agencies usually try to send the same carer each week, so you’ll find that they become not only a carer but also a friend to your relative.

Depression amongst the over 60’s doesn’t have to mean isolation and loneliness.  By using the services of a reputable nursing care company in Abingdon, you can ensure that they have someone around to cheer them up and provide companionship.

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