What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is something that someone can acquire to help protect their business from loss. Keep in mind that most insurance policies cover different things and some have more limitations than others. With that being said, let’s take some time to talk about some of the more common types of business insurance options that owners tend to choose from. 

Key Person Insurance

The first type of insurance policy that we are going to talk about for business owners is one called “Key Person Insurance”. For those who don’t know, this one is extremely important in regards to protecting the financial future of a business. Essentially, the key person plays a big role in the company and should that individual die, the remaining partners within the business would acquire the stake that’s left.

This type of insurance would also cover the costs associated with hiring someone new to take over that position. A lot of the time, you will notice that key person business insurance Burnley is referred to as “Buy and Sell Agreements”.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance helps cover a lot of things including property damage and liability claims. In other cases, this type of insurance will be responsible for protecting the owner from bodily injury of their employees as well as any legal fees that may accumulate because of that. Finally, this type of business insurance will help protect a company financially should someone make a mistake due to their own negligence.

Product Liability

As the name might imply, product liability is a type of business insurance policy that will protect against any damage or injuries in Burnley that may come from equipment that has become faulty. These policies will often protect against death as well and is generally popular where employees are working with exceptionally dangerous equipment.

Understand Risk Factors

Keep in mind that the majority of insurance policies that owners acquire will be directly proportional with the amount of financial risk that they are experiencing. For example, if there is a high chance that an employee is going to get hurt while on the job then a business owner will purchase insurance to protect against this. Policy rates will also play a big role in which option that owner decides to take. Operation hazards as well as the location of the company should be taken into consideration before investing in any business insurance policy in Burnley.


Since business insurance is something that is determined by the amount of risk involved in a company, various owners will choose different options. Do keep in mind that that main reason why an owner will acquire insurance is because the cost of replacing certain items and covering medical bills is much higher than simply purchasing the policy.


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