Different Styles Of Window Gates And Bars

Window gates are also commonly called window guards as well as security guards, regardless of what they are called they are available from manufacturers in a host of different varieties and they can be had to fit all sorts of different windows. The most common gates and bars install in Westchester NY is used on a standard single window. Some window gates and bars are quite ornate while others are simple; the greatest majority is made from steel which is most often coated with epoxy paint for looks as well as durability. Some of the window gates are detachable while others are permanently installed.

The primary purpose of gates and bars install Westchester NY is to act as guard against accidental falls from an open window. These gates and bars are used in many high-rise apartment buildings as well as in homes where there are small children. It takes very little effort on anyone’s part, including a small child, to dislodge a window screen; a window gate is designed and fabricated to provide excellent security. These gates can be fabricated for sliding doors as well as various window styles, including double hung.

Many of the guards that are used on luxury high-rise buildings mimic the look of a balcony, often they are used to support a flower box. Although they may appear from a distance to be a balcony, they do not distend from the face of the building. Once again, although this type of guard is very decorative and adds considerably to the charm of the building its primary purpose is to act as a window guard.

Not all window guards cover the entire window; a basic type of guard is little more than a security bar. These types of gates are usually a foot tall or so and span from one side of the window frame to the other. These bars can be stacked if it is thought that extra coverage is needed.

Although most window guards are intended to stop people, pets or objects from falling out of a window, they are also quite effective when used as a deterrent against unwanted entry into the home. This is not a necessity of course in a high-rise building but it does deter intruders in single story detached homes. In this case the metal bars are heavier gauge; they are a great option for those who do not have a fully fledged intruder alarm system installed.

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