The Various Tasks Of A Disability Lawyer

In the United States those people who unfortunately suffer from some sort of physical or mental disability are protected by a number of laws. In many cases these individuals find themselves the subjects of discrimination by their employers who fail to give them the proper and fair consideration. Frequently the same people with disabilities find that they are denied easy access to public buildings, transportation and education. Fortunately these people have recourse as a disability lawyer in Linden is available to represent these deprived members of society.

Cases of discrimination are far from the only cases that disability lawyers get involved in, perhaps even more so are cases of disability compensation for those whose disability keeps them from working. In some cases the disabled person may be fortunate enough to have private disability insurance cover while in many other cases the disabled person relies on some sort of assistance from the government. Unfortunately for many the government make it extremely difficult for them to claim for disability benefits, the greatest majority of applicants are denied so in many cases the disabled individual will turn to a disability attorney in Linden who is fully aware of the legal means that can be employed to see to it that the client gets the benefits they need and deserve.

In approximately 75 percent of the time, the initial application for disability benefits is simply denied, there are also cases where proving that there actually is a disability can be difficult. For those who have had their application denied there is an appeals process that they can follow but this road is not simple to navigate, this is especially true for a person who suffers from a severe mental or physical disability. It is during this appeals process that the disabled person can benefit most from their disability attorney who is fully conversant with all aspects of disability law. It is this attorney that most often can get their disabled client the benefits they apply for.

A disability is not an “all or nothing” scenario, there are many cases where the claimant is partially disabled but still cannot work for a period of time at his or her current job. In these types of situations the employer may insist they report to work and perform some other task making the assertion that if the employee is not totally disabled they should be able to perform a task. A disability attorney in Linden will work with this client, attempting to win benefits during the time they are suffering from a temporary disabling condition.

All law is complex; disability law is perhaps one of the more complex legal environments. For those who feel their rights have been denied, a lawyer who is seasoned in disability law is a must

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