Discussing Timelines with a Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita

When an auto collision occurs, there are many procedures that will follow afterwards. In fact, the aftermath of an auto accident can actually last for months or even years depending on the seriousness of the crash. Your car accident lawyer in Wichita wants you to be ready for what you’ll have to go through so here is a timeline to help you get an idea for how long various parts of the process may take.

Medical Treatment
This is an essential following a car accident. You don’t want to leave the scene of an accident without receiving medical treatment first. Sometimes, the paramedics will be on the scene giving people treatments or at least checking to see if they have sustained any injuries. Don’t refuse this treatment because you could have something wrong that was caused by the accident but you might not notice it for a few days.

Notify Your Insurance Provider
Following a car accident, one of the first things you should do is let your insurance company know about the accident. They will likely want you to send them a police report and some other documentation regarding the accident so they can determine how much they are going to pay out as a result. Because insurance companies are in the business of making money and they want to keep costs as low as possible, they might offer you a lot less money than what you actually deserve. That’s why you’ll need to hire an attorney before accepting any compensation or signing any papers.

Searching for an Attorney
Once you have received medical treatment at the site of the accident and notified your insurance provider, it’s time to start looking for a qualified attorney. Finding a car accident lawyer in Wichita may seem like a long process, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what you’re looking for. Some of the factors you should consider when searching for an auto accident lawyer include experience, knowledge, friendliness and a focus in accident law. Once you find the right attorney to take your case, they can guide the process from there.

In order to win your case, your attorney will likely conduct an investigation into the accident. This investigation will likely include experts that can help your attorney understand exactly what happened. They can have skid marks examined, the scene of the accident examined for things that might have helped cause the accident and more.

Many car accident lawsuits are settled before they even get to the trial phase. In the settlement negotiations, you and your attorney discuss options with the defendant and their attorneys. During this stage, you may be offered compensation for your damages and injuries. If you feel it is fair, you can accept it and the ordeal will be over. However, if you don’t feel that it’s fair, the next big step is the trial.

When you are involved in a car accident, not knowing what to expect and when to expect it can be as bad as the accident itself. But with the qualified professionals at the Law Offices of Slape & Howard, you’ll get all the help and information you need.

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