Do You Need Help From Separation Attorneys in Suffolk County, NY?

When things seem to be going wrong in a marriage and neither party can come to an agreement, separation is often unavoidable. Though this does not necessarily mean the marriage cannot be repaired, it does mean there are issues that will need to be resolved. When going through a separation, it is imperative you protect your rights by working with Separation Attorneys in Suffolk County, NY. An attorney can assist you through every aspect of the process so your separation is legal.

In a legal separation, your marriage is not over. This agreement simply means you and your spouse will be living apart. There are some similarities in separation and divorce. Assets may be divided and custody and support will need to be decided on. With these legal matters being so important, the Separation Attorneys in Suffolk County, NY can help.

To file for a legal separation, you and your spouse must be citizens of the state and county you are filing in. Once your separation is legal, your new status can affect your life in different ways. Though you are still legally married, separation will change your tax filing status and you will begin filing as single.

One of the most difficult aspects of separation revolves around any children in the marriage. It is better if both parties in the marriage can work together on an amicable custody arrangement for the children. If this cannot be agreed on, a custody battle will end up going through court where both sides are able to present evidence as to why they should be considered the custodial parent. A family judge will make the final decision on who is given custody through the separation. Click here for more details about the legal process of separation.

Separations can allow both parties to make a decision on whether or not the marriage can be saved or whether a divorce is needed. Throughout the entire process, you can rest assured your interests will be protected.

If you are going through a separation and need legal assistance, visit They will help you through the process and will work to help protect your rights and get you a better outcome.

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