Do You Need Muffler Repair in Redding, CA?

If you are having problems with your muffler, you might be creating a lot of noise that you don’t want to create. More than that, though, a muffler problem can actually be a performance issue. Obviously, your muffler is supposed to reduce the amount of noise coming from your vehicle. The noise is created by the pressure of the exhaust escaping the tailpipe and rapidly expanding. A muffler reduces the amount of pressure before it is able to escape, which reduces the noise.

If your muffler is damaged, you might find that it’s not creating the proper backpressure. This can happen if there is some form of damage to the muffler itself. A hole or crack can relieve pressure too quickly, which can lower the effectiveness of your engine. In addition, if you have a problem with a catalytic converter, you might be emitting far more harmful exhaust than you intend. Here are some signs you need muffler repair.

Loud Noises

If your engine changes its tune, you might need muffler repair in Redding, CA. The muffler reduces the sound, so an increase in sound is an indication that something has gone wrong.

At Major Muffler & Auto Repair, they can address the problem with your muffler quickly and efficiently. There are also other signs of muffler problems.

Backfiring or Smoking

Backfiring and a smoking exhaust can be signs that something is wrong with your exhaust; they can also be signs that something is wrong with another part of your vehicle. Backfiring occurs when there is an incorrect amount of pressure, which means that unburnt fuel is exploding in the exhaust pipe. That can be a danger to your vehicle and can be robbing you of performance.

If you observe these two problem signs, you should see a muffler repair specialist. They can tell you what is going wrong with your vehicle. Click here for more details about the quality muffler repair in Redding, CA.

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