FAQs About In-Home Care Service In Santa Monica, CA

In California, seniors are afforded with a variety of services that enable them to remain in their home. The in-home nursing opportunities provide them with a private nurse who helps them each day. These nurses provide vital services that help these seniors to perform daily tasks without worry. The following are FAQs about In-Home Care Service in Santa Monica CA.

Do In-Home Nurses Stay Overnight?

In some cases, yes, the nurse does stay overnight. These services are provided for seniors with life-threatening or debilitating conditions. The nurses stay overnight to ensure that the senior is monitored closely. This presents them with immediate help in the event that an emergency occurs.

What Services are They Prohibited from Providing?

The nurses are prohibited from providing any services beyond their scope of abilities. They cannot provide any services that aren’t defined in the patient’s care plan. If they need to provide different medications than the patient has been taking, they must acquire permission from the patient’s physician. They cannot provide any alternative medicine-based treatments that aren’t permitted legally.

Are They Allowed to Handle the Patient’s Financial Assets?

There are limits and guidelines for handling the patient’s financial assets. The in-home health nurse can assist the seniors when they need items from the grocery store or to acquire medication. They must provide a receipt for all purchases they make with the senior’s financial assets. They must provide manage these requirements to ensure that there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Why is In-Home Care Better Than a Nursing Facility?

It is better because the senior can remain On their own property. They won’t face any embarrassing moments, loss of dignity, or privacy-related issues. The nurse provides all services in this private space. The senior can do whatever they choose based on their own schedule.

In California, seniors can take advantage of in-home health services and avoid a nursing home. They won’t have to worry about an inadequate nursing staff failing to provide the right level of care. Seniors who want to acquire In-Home Care Service in Santa Monica CA can contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about these services.


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