Dog Bite Lawyers in Elizabeth, NJ Work With Victims to Get the Settlements They Need

Dog bites are not only painful, they can cause disfiguration as well as long-term nerve and muscle damage. That means a dog bite victim’s life can change dramatically. While the owner of the dog is just about always responsible for a victim’s damages, they often don’t simply offer to make restitution that fully covers those damages. That’s when it’s important to get in touch with Dog Bite Lawyers Elizabeth NJ.

The attorney contacted will meet with the bite victim to gather all the relevant facts. Careful fact-finding allows the attorney to understand all the events leading up to the event and determine what, if any, settlement is in order. While it’s true that most dog bites are considered the responsibility of the dog’s owners, there are a limited number of scenarios where the victim is considered at least partially to blame. That type of information needs to come out early in the case development so the Dog Bite Lawyers Elizabeth NJ are prepared to deal with any rebuttals from the dog owner’s attorney or insurance carrier.

In many cases, the insurance carrier for the dog owner will offer a settlement once they conduct their own investigation. That settlement offer is generally lower than the amount suggested by the victim’s attorney. If negotiations don’t result in an agreement, a victim’s attorney may recommend taking the case to trial. At that point, the dog owner’s insurance company may be willing to up their offer to avoid the costs associated with going to court. Since every case tends to be somewhat unique, it’s important that a dog bite victim has guidance throughout the process. Click here for more details.

If the dog’s owner doesn’t have insurance, the attorney will need to take a different approach. In some cases, the owner has sufficient assets to cover any settlement. If that’s true, it is worth proceeding with the case. The Dog Bite Lawyers Elizabeth NJ, will explore all options available if the dog owner doesn’t carry insurance to ensure every possible avenue for recovering damages is explored.

To request information about pursuing a dog bite claim or any other type of personal injury case, contact Harrell Smith & Williams LLC in Elizabeth NJ today. They will schedule an appointment to discuss the case and answer any questions.

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