Early Bird Specials in Cape Canaveral

Fresh Seafood Any Time Of Day

Have you heard that the early bird catches the worm?  Well that same principle can be applied when you are looking for early bird specials in Cape Canaveral.  You can always find fresh seafood any time of day when you are visiting or living in Florida.  Because there are so many local restaurants that purchase from the local fisherman on a daily basis, you are guaranteed to always get the freshest seafood around.  

Breakfast and lunch are a great time to enjoy early bird specials in Cape Canaveral because you can generally purchase the same great menu items that are on the dinner menus, but for a fraction of the cost.  Of course the portions are smaller than the dinner portions, but that is perfect for the amount you want to eat at that time of day.  Early bird specials in Cape Canaveral are offered by several of the local businesses so that they can bring in more traffic during the slower times of the day.
Local seafood restaurants are dotted along the Atlantic Ocean and they offer indoor as well as outdoor dining for their customers to enjoy great views of the ocean and to be able to smell and taste the salty air as they dine on their delicious fresh seafood entrees.  For visitors from out of town this may be a special treat because they don’t often get a chance to have fresh seafood while enjoying the outdoors and the ocean view.  

Many restaurant chefs will make up special menus based on the fish that are plentiful in their region for that time of year.  That way you can have something different depending on the time of year that you are visiting Cape Canaveral.  For instance sometimes it is lobster season and lobster is plentiful and other times it may be shrimp season or tuna season, or a great time for dolphin fish and the local fisherman are bringing in a lot of that type of fish because it is plentiful.

If you are visiting from out of town then you may want to ask around town at some of the local stores or gas stations for where the best seafood restaurants are and if they know of any that offer early bird specials in Cape Canaveral. The local people know the restaurants well and will be able to direct you to the best restaurants.

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