Get back your style – Reclaim your smile!

by | Apr 17, 2012 | health-medical

Having to live with missing, loose or malformed teeth isn’t very easy, and can often be dangerous as it could lead to other serious dental conditions. Mainly though, it causes a huge loss of self confidence.  
With state-of-the-art procedures for dental implants in Armonk, NY now available, you can reclaim that lost smile for good, with little or no invasive surgery and no stress to adjacent teeth.

Most reliable dental practices offer affordable and conveniently scheduled dental implants in Armonk, NY that are installed in just a few sessions.  And with advances in implant technology today, you can get personalized implants to fit any type of condition – single or multiple teeth in the upper or lower region of your mouth – that look as good as your own set of teeth.

When looking for surgeon to provide you dental implants in Armonk, NY seek out professionals who deliver a full range of implant, veneers and teeth whitening services. A dental practice that specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries and has a full time Prosthodontist on staff is more likely to advise you on the best possible alternatives available to deal with your unique condition.  Also, make sure the surgeon’s office has a high-tech laboratory onsite to immediately deal with any modifications or customizations that your implants might require.

The decision to move forward with dental implants in Armonk, NY is not only one that requires an investment in money but also time, in terms of consultations and pre and post surgical preparation and recovery.   Choose an implant specialist therefore who specializes in revolutionary procedures that will cause as little bleeding or swelling, minimizes pain and trauma to your mouth tissue, can be completed with the minimum number of implants, takes less time to heal and is easier to repair and maintain subsequently.  All of these characteristics are usually associated with procedures performed using low-speed drilling techniques.

As part of your pre-decision diligence, when you consult with the surgeon about  dental implants in Armonk, NY, ask about any alternate treatment options that might be available, such as dentures and bridges.   Knowing all of the options will help you make an informed decision.

Many implant procedures may require drilling into bone surfaces. If you have an existing medical condition that leaves you with weakened bones, you may not qualify for such procedures. During consultations with your dentist regarding dental implants in Armonk, NY make certain this information is shared with him/her. Alternate treatment options or other forms of cosmetic procedures may be proposed.    

With the right surgeon helping you with your  dental implants in Armonk, NY you can soon have a perfect set of implants that are as good as your original set. You will recover your ability to speak, chew and munch like before. Most of all, you will get back your smile!

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