Early Western Wear

Early cowboys paved the way for today’s style of western wear worn around the world today. Both early characters of the Wild West like Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kidd wore clothing known as cowboy attire. In America early in the 19th Century western wear became prominent. A popular look is western clothing in Eldorado Hills CA. In the early days, the main them of the cowboy attire was simplicity. Shirts did not have buttons or any collars. This meant that they could remove the easily. Trousers were simple, and they stuffed canvas inside to protect the legs.

Cowboy Accessories
Bandannas were once a popular choice for early cowboys. They were worn around the neck. It helped protect their skin from the elements. It offered protective covering for their mouths from dust storms, and it kept their necks hidden from the hard rays of the sun. Cowboy hats also offered protection from the sun. It kept it out of reach of their face. When they came along to a stream, they could use their hats to drink water out of.

Location Matters for Style Development
At the time that Hollywood began creating western movies, these simple styles of clothing were completely overemphasized. Movie stars like John Wayne made Cowboy apparel popular. This led to the cowboy hat and western style becoming even more popular. During the 1960s, the public began to adapt the western style. Hats, boots, shirts made from flannel and blue jeans made their way into clothing stores. From time to time even the Beatles work cowboy boots.

Nashville musicians made the apparel more popular once they started wearing them in music videos and concerts. These musicians brought a whole new dimension to wearing western wear even though they were not really cowboys. Cowboy boots and felt hats became a more trendy style and were made sometimes using distressed leather.

Today there are virtually all different types of western styles available. You can wear authentic cowboy apparel like they wore in the pioneer days or you can find western clothing in Eldorado Hills CA that is more akin to the styles that they wear in Nashville. There are so many different types of options available you are sure to find something to fit your taste and style. Many places have great sales and prices to fit any pocketbook.

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