Oral Health Is Part of Overall Health

While everyone knows how important it is to go to see their general practitioner for a check-up every year, many put off going to see a Dentist Honolulu, even though it’s just as important in maintaining optimal health. While the mouth does contain a great deal of bacteria, most of it causes no harm to us at all. The body’s natural defenses and taking care to brush and floss daily keep bacteria in line, but in some cases the bacteria does grow out of control. When an infection occurs, it manifests itself in the form of cavities and gum disease.

Some seemingly innocent dental procedures and medicines that reduces saliva interrupt bacteria’s balance in our mouth, overcome the natural checks and balances in place, and allow for bacteria to make its way into our bloodstream. Medical conditions linked to dental issues include:

Heart Disease – Clogged arteries and strokes can be linked to bacteria in the mouth, possibly due to gum disease. A Dentist Honolulu can check and treat this potentially dangerous condition.

Expectant Mothers – Mothers-to-Be should be especially careful with their teeth and gums as gum disease has been linked with low birth weights, miscarriages and pre-mature births.

Diabetes – Infections run rampant in those with diabetes, making those with gum disease or tooth infections at a much higher risk.

Alzheimer’s – It’s been shown those who experience a great deal of tooth loss before the age of 35 are at a greater risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

So, it’s plain to see how closely tied the overall health of the body is to that of the health of the teeth and gums. A dentist can help detect mouth and throat cancer before any general doctor ever knows there is a problem. Keeping your dentist in the loop about your health is just as important as keeping your doctor in the loop about your mouth and gum’s health. So, when you go to make your annual check-up with your family doctor, give a call to your Dentist Honolulu at the same time, too.

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