Equipment Used By Shredding Companies In Irvine

When you decide that you want to acquire help from shredding companies in Irvine, you will probably be looking at every aspect of that business to prevent collaborating with an unreliable source. This is a good move to make because if you work with a company that is not well-known or licensed, you could be risking fraudulent activity even further. One thing you should look at when choosing shredding companies in Irvine will be the equipment they use.

Shredding Companies In Irvine Use Scanning Systems

If you do not have any clear evidence of what materials were destroyed and what materials were not destroyed by shredding companies in Irvine, how do you know that all of your documentation has been destructed? Leftover paperwork that falls into the hands of a criminal will flip your life upside down and could cause you to become a victim of credit card fraud. Reliable shredding companies in Irvine will use scanning systems, which tracks the paperwork being eradicated. This will minimize the costs of control and will help the shredding companies in Irvine to manage all shredding related duties in a timely manner.

Shredding Companies In Irvine Use Destruction Units

Something you really need to look for when determining if shredding companies in Irvine are dependable will be destruction units. Shredding units provided by shredding companies in Irvine will normally be mobile, in the form of a truck. The benefits of this are that they can be transported to your particular location so that the materials can be shredded on-site. Normally, a destruction unit will be able to strip-cut and cross-cut paper at a speed of up to 8000 pounds per hour. Security levels are high, ensuring that nobody on the outside can see what is going on and with a video monitor, everything passed through the shredder is tracked. Acclaimed shredding companies in Irvine will also make use of sealed collection carts, so that no documents spill onto the floor.

Shredding Companies In Irvine Use Security Bins & Carts

Shredding companies in Irvine should be able to offer their customers security bins and carts. Security bins have large capacities, enabling large loads of paperwork and personal documents to be fed through at one time. Spring-loaded locks should stop anyone from seeing something they are not supposed to and this prevents the chance of fraud. Security carts supplied by shredding companies in Irvine will be similar to bins, due to the fact they are lockable and very enduring. Check this before working with shredding companies in Irvine, so that you can feel confident your safety and security is in no way compromised.


Bin activity reports from shredding companies Irvine will ensure that you are completely aware of what has been accomplished. Shred Confidential Inc specializes in helping you securely destroy confidential information.



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