Consult a professional and avoid serious Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing mistakes

So how does one go about filing for bankruptcy in Mooresville, NY anyway? Well, the most recommended approach is to work through a qualified lawyer in a four-step process:

1. Do your homework and select a good Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC to represent your interests

2. Use your lawyer as the intermediary between yourself and your creditors. Direct all of your creditors to speak with her/him directly

3. Work through your lawyer to file a petition for bankruptcy

4. Attend tri-party meetings between your creditors, your lawyer and yourself to discuss an action plan to move forward

On paper, this sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Many a resident may even think of going it alone without consulting a Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC.  Well, playing bankruptcy lawyer is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially considering all of the legal loops and hoops and deadlines one has to deal with. And one slight oversight and your petition could easily be dismissed on failing to follow procedure. A seasoned Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC, with over 10 years of practice in your community can be your best ally in these troubling times.

One of the first challenges an individual attempting to file alone will face is determining which Chapter to file under – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Simply filing based on what a friend or relative did may not be advisable. A good Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC can help you understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages between the two, and can recommend which option is right for you given your unique financial situation, and not someone else’s.

While Chapter 7 might result in many of your debts being discharged or eliminated, it is harder to qualify for. Chapter 13 is comparatively easier to qualify for, and gives individuals time to work with creditors to create a debt repayment plan to discharge their liabilities. Filing under a disadvantaged Chapter can often result in a worse situation that you are already in, and an experienced Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC can guide your decision in this respect.

When you decide to file independently of an experienced Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC the law does not make allowances for any mistakes that happen in following procedure, simply because you weren’t knowledgeable about the letter of the law.  Common mistakes individuals make include: failing to provide the correct information; failure to provide information in sufficient amounts of detail; failure to meet court specified deadlines; failure to pay the right amount of court fees at the appropriate times.

Such errors can prove costly, resulting in dismissal of the petition or even charges being brought against you for (unintentionally seeming to be) breaking the law. So before you move forward consult with your Chapter 7 attorney in Mooresville, NC


Don’t go it alone. Avoid serious errors with professional help. At The Lake Law Office, PLLC we’ll put you in touch with a seasoned Chapter 7 attorney Mooresville, NC.

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