Evaluating The Pros And Cons Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Shreveport Louisiana

Gastric sleeve surgery in Shreveport Louisiana is one of the newer weight loss surgeries to hit the market. It is a surgery that falls under the category of bariatric surgery and is referred to as different names in different parts of North America and throughout the world. There are some countries that do not even offer this surgery as a weight loss operation. However, based on the current statistics, many medical professionals see this as being the leading weight loss surgery in the future. Many people how consider having a surgery such as this need to carefully evaluate the pros and cons associated with the operation rather than just see the final results. Outlined are some of the risk factors and advantages associated with gastric sleeve surgery.

When first introduced gastric sleeve surgery in Shreveport Louisiana was only offered to people who had a body mass index of thirty-five or above. Many of the initial reports were very successful and few side effects were noticed outside of the common post-surgery side effects and complications. Also when the surgery was performed it was done so as the initial phase of a multi-stage weight loss plan or program. However, in the last ten years there have been some surgeons who do it as a stand along weight loss surgery. Each operation varies from patient to patient but in most cases you can expect to have anywhere from fifty to seventy percent of the stomach removed through a laparoscopic procedure.

The thought of having that much of your stomach removed during a gastric sleeve surgery in Shreveport Louisiana sounds scary and it should. This means that you will not be able to consume as much food and for some people this takes a great deal of time and mental effort to deal with. There are mental and emotional issues that people must deal with once they start losing the weight. You cannot make the mistake of thinking that the surgery will erase all of the reason why you became obese in the first place. There have been reports that it was too much for some people to handle and eventually they began eating more than they should and the remaining portion of their stomach stretched and they gained back a large portion of the weight they had lost.

If you are able to get past your “food issues” then the gastric sleeve surgery in Shreveport Louisiana may be the option for you. In the twelve months following the procedure most people have reported a weight loss of forty to sixty percent. Overall the procedure is far less invasive than the traditional gastric bypass surgery and the recovery time is far less. Gastric sleeve surgery in Shreveport Louisiana is very expensive and the cost is something that everyone should look at before making their final decision.


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