Fighting Cancer With New Innovations In Cancer Treatments

With the increasing effects of carcinogens in the air, as well as the depletion of the ozone layer, the number of skin cancer cases has increased over the years. Millions of dollars have gone into researching possible cures and more advanced treatments for skin cancer. As information has been sent out to the masses on how to help prevent the disease, one in five Americans is diagnosed with skin cancer each year. Depending on the type of skin cancer and the severity of the case, a skin cancer treatment in Upland CA, will be chosen to fight off the cancer cells.

It is important to check your skin regularly and pick out any abnormalities that may need to be further examined by a qualified dermatologist. Knowing the early signs of carcinoma, and being prepared is essential in defending yourself against this disease. When caught early, carcinoma and melanoma have a much better success rate, than if they were e to be left alone. Basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of skin cancer, may look like small bumps or sores on the skin.

If the individual has been diagnosed with either squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma, the first line of skin cancer treatment in Upland, CA, may be surgery. Quite often, the entire affected area can be removed by cryosurgery, dermabrasion, simple excision, or laser surgery. With the cancerous skin tissue removed, the individual can begin to heal.

A diagnosis of melanoma, the most deadly form of cancer, is much more severe. Melanoma is known to spread to various parts of the body. These cancers can suddenly appear as small moles a patch near an existing mole. If you notice any changes to your existing moles, then call your dermatologist immediately.

With the cancer removed, the doctor may or may not choose to begin a chemotherapy treatment, depending on the severity of the case. This treatment specifically targets cancerous cells and either stops the cancer cells from dividing, or kills the cancer cells altogether. Noninvasive chemotherapy treatments can be used when dealing with cancer cells on the top layers of the skin. This skin cancer treatment in Upland, CA may consist of chemotherapeutic ointments or creams being applied to the affected area. Radiation therapy may be chosen to accompany the chemotherapy treatment. Depending on the type of cancer, either internal or external radiation may be used.

Another skin cancer treatment in Upland CA involves the use of photoactive drugs. The drugs bind specifically to the cancerous skin cells. A laser is then shone on the affected areas. The drug is activated by the laser and kills the cancerous cells. This new technique works topically, and has little to no effect on healthy skin tissue cells.

While there are many skin cancer treatment in Upland, CA available, it may help to prevent skin cancer from occurring in the first place. The main culprit is sun exposure. Limiting your sun exposure and wearing sunscreen can help to block those harmful UV rays. Exposure to carcinogens including arsenic, nicotine, oil and tar can also increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Keep in mind that genetics can also play a big part in your cancer diagnosis.

By becoming familiar and keeping a close eye on your skin, you can help to protect your skin from cancer and identify early warning signs in case cancer should occur.

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