Finding the Perfect Hotel for Your Vacation in Rome

Rome, known as the city of love, is the first city anyone thinks of for a romantic vacation. It seems to be the natural choice, with its incredible aura of romance, amazing architecture, rich history and incredible shopping opportunities. Couples who wish to spend their vacation together in Italy would find plenty to see and do while in Rome. Finding the right hotel for your vacation in Rome is essential for a successful trip.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Hotel

There are a wide variety of hotels available in Rome, including luxury hotels and boutique hotels. Luxury and boutique hotels tend to be on the ritzier end of the hotels in Italy. Boutique hotels are smaller scale and offer personalized service to their clients. Luxury hotels tend to be a little larger hotels but offer similar amenities and luxuries during your stay.

The location you wish to stay in also plays a role in the hotel you choose. Staying further away from the center of the hustle and bustle of Rome will bring your room rates down. You also need to consider the atmosphere you desire. If you are aiming for a secluded, private vacation, the location of your hotel will be important because some areas are filled with tourists and very busy.

Central Rome – Seeing It All

For the couples who want an exquisite hotel and plan to take in all the central sites of Rome will do best to stay in central Rome. There are a wide variety of hotels located in the heart of Rome, leaving you within walking distance from all the main historic and architectural sites. This relieves the need for transportation, allowing you and your loved one to walk hand in hand through the romantic streets of Rome.

Vatican City

If you plan on spending time at Vatican City, there are a couple of incredibly romantic hotels right in Vatican City that offer peace, serenity and the relaxation you desire during your Italian vacation. Because Vatican City gets crowded easily, staying near it will allow you to spend the time you desire there without any stress.

Shopping Excitement

For the fashion fanatics who cannot wait to get their hands on the rich Italian fashion, staying in a hotel near the Spanish Steps that boasts the top boutiques, restaurants and bars is convenient and helps to increase the excitement of the vacation. A vacation in Rome that is filled with shopping and the finest Italian food and drinks is a dream come true for any vacationer whether it is their first or fifth trip to Italy.

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