Find a House of Worship that Makes Every Member Feel Welcome

Regardless of whether you are secure in your faith or finding your way to a relationship with God, you can stop the search for welcoming churches in Jacksonville, FL. This church is not only inclusive of all people who want to build a relationship with Jesus, but they make sure that you have the tools necessary to spread grow in your faith and spread God’s word to the rest of the world.

Stay Connected

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, and staying connected with your church and the fellow congregation is no exception to the rule. Download the app to catch up on inspiring messages you may have missed, or to go back and listen to a particularly powerful sermon again. You can also find ways to give back to the church and your community by checking the Give icon on the lower portion of the app.

Instilling Values from the Ground Up

Most churches in Jacksonville, FL, have a youth ministry program, but this church located in Jacksonville, Florida, has learning programs from preschool all the way through college years and beyond. Ensure your family is firmly rooted in the foundation of God’s love by allowing them to learn and grow through inspiring stories, songs, and so much more.

Contact Southpoint Community Church at to learn more about their programs, and to inquire about how you can become a member of the church. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring your family or a friend.

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