Find Legal Representation for Your Truck Accident Case

The roads of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are busy. The rush hour can extend for nearly one-quarter of the day, making it difficult to get around. There are a lot of trucks on the roads, too. Many truck drivers are overworked and tired on the roads. If you were injured in an accident caused by a sleepy truck driver, you may benefit from working with our Chicago truck accident attorney.

Like other drivers in the area, truck drivers may be distracted when they drive. They might be talking to family back home or communicating with other truck drivers. Some truck drivers might text and drive, even though the law prohibits this behavior. If a distracted truck driver hit you and caused you injury, damaged your vehicle or both, it is important to take action and protect your rights under Illinois law.

In some cases, the truck driver might not be the only party at fault. It is possible that the trucking company may have some liability. Some companies own the trucks and employ the drivers directly. In this case, the company might have liability for your injuries, medical expenses and property damage. We listen to your situation and determine if you have a case for the court system.

Our attorneys explain the law about truck accidents in a way that you can understand. If you have questions about the law, do not hesitate to ask. We invite you to bring in your police accident report, photos or anything else that might help us understand more about your accident and health.

When you are in need of a Chicago truck accident attorney, contact us at Shea Law Group. You may also learn more about our staff and law firm by visiting us online at

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