Frequently Asked Questions About Online Shopping Rebate Sites

If you shop online, online shopping rebate sites can help you earn money back based on where you shop. However, if you have never heard of these sites or are not very familiar with them, you may wonder how they work. Here are three frequently asked questions about sites that pay you to shop with them.

How Can Websites Pay You to Shop?

Most online businesses offer what is known as an affiliate program. They pay affiliates a certain percentage of the sales they bring to their website. Online shopping sites then take a certain percentage of their commission and pay their shoppers with it. It is a win-win as the affiliate makes money, the retailer makes money, and you, the shopper, get money back for shopping.

How Can One Site Offer Me More to Shop at a Website Than Another Site?

As you begin to look at online shopping rebate sites, you may find some websites offer you more money to shop than others. There are many reasons for this. First, one website may be getting a higher commission from the retailer based on the amount of sales they generate. In turn, the website can pay shoppers more money. In another scenario, one website may simply be willing to give up a higher percentage of their commission check to entice you to shop with them.

Why Do I Have to Wait to Get Paid?

Many shoppers would love to see the money they earn deposited into their account right away, but many rebate sites make consumers wait anywhere from 10 to 30 days before depositing earnings into an account. The main reason for this is to prevent a shopper from buying something, getting the money and then returning the item or canceling the order. The other reason is the website has to wait to get paid from the retailer themselves, so in turn, they make you wait until they get the money in hand.

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