The Easiest Way to Quit Smoking: The Natural Way

Many people truly want to overcome a nicotine addiction but find it difficult to do so without a clear and easy to follow program. The easiest way to quit smoking is now revealing itself to be the natural way, one such product boasting a high success rate is the Freedom Quit Smoking System. This 100 percent natural, completely nicotine-free program has a high degree of smoker support with the ultimate goal of guiding you through not only the physical cravings, but also the psychological ones in your head. An all natural smoking program differs from nicotine replacement therapy products that require repeated purchases and a long period of nicotine intake. Nicotine-free methods like these are highly successful because they don’t just give you a couple of products, but tackles each facet of your nicotine addiction–physical, psychological, educational, and detoxifying aspects–through a comprehensive 12 step system.

All natural smoking cessation methods differ from over the counter or prescription ones like the lozenges or the patch because natural programs are not putting more nicotine into your body and prolonging the agony of the quitting process. With many of those prescriptions or over the counter products, you’re just trading one vice for another. Most importantly with nicotine still entering your bloodstream, your body is still dependent on the nicotine and your mind won’t let you stop thinking about smoking a cigarette.

Retraining the brain and body from nicotine intake can start with the help of an audio therapy CD. The CD focuses on the psychological part of nicotine addiction, helping you understand and become more aware of the nicotine addiction and depletion process. A patented and innovative Freedom Relaxation Headset is another integral part of the Freedom Quit Smoking program. It introduces acupressure stimulation via heat from light-emitting diodes that relax your body through the ears. When combined with the tranquil and calm music, the worries and stress that may accompany initial nicotine withdrawal are more easily managed.

One physical aid included in this all natural system is the nicotine craving control spray. This homeopathic nicotine-free spray is FDA-listed and has no adverse effects as it reduces the symptoms of your cravings and helps you control your urge to smoke. Antioxidant and detoxification supplements are part of the detoxifying aids that help to not simply cleanse your body, but also help you feel healthier and more energetic. An aversion therapy wristband is another physical aid that many smokers find very helpful. This wristband is a visual reminder to stay strong and persistent; it also serves as a physical one via a quick snap to condition your brain to fight those cravings through negative association and interrupted train of thought. All of these components were developed to work together in the comprehensive Freedom Quit Smoking System to give smokers the easiest way to quit smoking naturally today.

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