Get A Queen Mattress And An Adjustable Bed For Optimum Health

For anyone that spends time in bed doing more than just sleeping an adjustable bed with a queen mattress is a wonderful addition to the bedroom. These adjustable queen mattress beds can be positioned to read, work on the laptop, watch television or just enjoy reclining back and listening to your favorite music.

Adjustable beds have really evolved over the last few years. Now they are designed with two separate zones on the bed to allow both partners to move their side of the bed independently of the other. Each person can have their own comfort position without disturbing the other or having to decide what position is best for you both.

Muscle and Skeletal Pain Issues

If you are looking for a queen mattress that provides top levels of comfort for those with neck, back, hip or leg pains and discomfort then an adjustable bed is a great answer. You should look for a bed that allows a full range of positions for both the upper body as well as the legs. With the option to raise up the bottom of the bed you can elevate your legs into a comfortable position while still providing full support to the lumbar area of your back.

This is much better and much healthier than using pillows to elevate the legs and support the lower back. This is an important consideration for anyone with chronic health conditions or with chronic pain or a history of swelling of the lower legs.

An Adjustable Queen Mattress and Sleep Apnea

Individuals that have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine will also benefit from a queen mattress on an adjustable bed. The larger size of the bed allows your partner to sleep in comfort in their own position while you can adjust the head of your side of the bed up to prevent air passages from closing in the fully reclined position of a traditional style of queen mattress.

The same technology also helps those diagnosed with GERD and acid reflux disease. The inclined position of the upper body assists in preventing the acid from moving back up the esophagus, something that is common with the traditional flat styles of queen mattress designs. Go to for more information.

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