SEO Strategies: What To Avoid

When it comes to using search engine optimization (SEO), there are ways to go about it. A wide variety of techniques has been created over the past two decades to employ in search marketing. In Toronto, these may or may not be beneficial to improving your company’s “positive” traffic. In other words, while some techniques may be easy to employ and draw individuals to your site, they may be actually detrimental in the long run.

Black Hat vs White Hat

In the world of search marketing, there has always been two major and polar ways of employing SEO strategies. One is called “White Hat.” The other is “Black Hat.” As the names indicate, one is perceived as being more “honourable.” It is viewed with greater favour by such search engines as Google and Yahoo. This, of course, is the White Hat strategy or approach to SEO marketing.

Black Hat marketing strategy is often used by some SEO companies. In some instances, however, the tactics such as cloaking and page-jacking have been not only frowned upon by clients, but have also been banned by some search engine sites.

Black Hat Strategies to Avoid

Many Black Hat strategies for search marketing in Toronto and throughout the internet world are called spamming. This is a derogatory term. It is one that any credible and serious business or individual should always avoid. The following is a list of SEO techniques employed by some companies but described by many as spam.

* Doorway pages that are automatically generated

* Redirects that are false

* Cloaking which provides one thing for the search engine to see but another for the user

* Keyword stuffing – words used, often without rhyme or reason, appearing inappropriately and, therefore, misleading, frustrating and annoying. Stuffing keywords into text can also destroy the quality of it

* Links and text that are hidden

* Irrelevant words that pop up all over the page and have little to no contextual relationship to the page, content or product

* Pages with content that repeats itself on the same site with little to no variation

* Web Sites that are like a Monty Python joke with the deliberate misspelling of highly recognized web sites

* Links that are broken, unrelated or centralized

While initially, these tactics may increase the traffic to your site, it is only a negative positive. They are temporary. Moreover, no matter how effective they appear, such tactics of search marketing in Toronto are doomed to failure. They may lead people to your site, but they will not linger there let alone take the time to purchase your product or services.

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