Get Help with a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Ankeny, IA

Dog owners are under fire for failing to secure the animals. Indeed, there has been an increase in the number of serious dog bite injuries. Owners must realize the responsibility that comes with having an animal that can maim and kill.

The Recourse for Victims

Victims need to consult with a dog bite injury attorney in Ankeny, IA. The law varies from state to state and it pays to seek legal help. There are two legal theories that govern dog laws. First, there is liability if the owner knew or should have known the dog might bite someone. Secondly, there is liability whether or not the owner knew.

One Bite Laws

The first theory is behind what are called "one bite laws". Historically, the one bite law meant dog owners got one free pass. Afterward, the owner was liable because the animal had bit someone. However, this law has changed. Citizens are liable if the dog is a breed that is considered dangerous.

Furthermore, the owner must be aware of whether the dog is prone to biting and always keep it restrained. Get help from a dog bite injury attorney in Ankeny, IA if you were bitten by a dog running loose. Dog owners may get a citation if the dog is caught away from the home. Repeated violations are proof of the owner’s liability.

Strict Liability Laws

Strict liability states have specific rules for dog bite cases. Basically, the owner is held liable no matter the circumstances. This means they are liable unless the victim was trespassing at the time of the attack. In addition, the owner is liable if the victim did not provoke the animal.

Lawyers agree that cases are easier to win in states with strict liability laws. Hence, the owner’s insurance company may be willing to settle early on. Victims are entitled to damages for medical expenses and time lost from work. Of course, they must be compensated for any permanent injuries and for pain and suffering.

If you are a victim, get more information by visiting a lawyer’s website.

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