Green living in NYC

The energy crisis is one issue that every one is experiencing the impact from. The need to create sustainable forms of energy is becoming increasingly apparent and necessary. This does not simply meaning acting green on an individual basis, such as recycling and making energy efficient choices. Commercial builders are feeling the pressure to implement better design methods that incorporate “green” materials and construction efforts. One business that has been pushing these efforts to their fullest potential is the team at Alfa Development.

This business has been active in building energy efficient spaces for over three decades, and they continue to have an extraordinary impact in one of the nation’s most dense cities. In a city like NYC, the need to implement green living designs is something that cannot be overlooked. With a steadily increasing population that is pushing the need for long-term sustainable measures, businesses like Alfa Development have responded to the calling. While NYC is one of the most energy efficient cities in the nation, the reasoning is due in large part to these development plans

Alfa Development: Green living projects in NYC

  • Every project is built with LEED Gold certification standards in mind.
  • The goal is to balance sustainability with architecture.
  • They have completed a number of green projects, including the recent Chelsea Green Condominiums.

Keeping in line with their green building ethos, Alfa Development makes sure every project they undertake will meet or exceed LEED Gold certification standards. The latter is an internationally recognized green building program. Standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, this program is implemented primarily in the United States, although many projects have been completed outside the U.S. as well.

To be LEED Gold certified, a building must meet a set of stringent requirements. In particular, new buildings must meet program prerequisites in addition to scoring a minimum number on a point scale. The Gold standard is a tough mark to hit; buildings that meet these requirements are among the select few that stand out for their green designs and ability to provide long-term sustainability needs.

Green living is a formidable obstacle for developers, but Alfa Development has been busy building a number of successful projects in this regard. Their goal is to combine architectural design and functionality with sustainability in mind. This means implementing a number of energy efficient measures. Some notable projects include the Alison Eighteen restaurant on 18th Street and the recently built Chelsea Green condominiums.

If you are looking to rent an excellent space in Manhattan, Chelsea Green Living is the best of the best. The team at Alfa Development has just finished constructing this super-green complex, so reserve your home today!

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