Heavy Bleeding with Your Periods – There is Help Out There!

It’s no fun being a woman when you’re period is heavy and painful. This can lead to some pretty awful symptoms which leave you feeling really depressed. The amount of pain women suffer varies but for some, it can leave you doubled over and unable to move. It can also be pretty embarrassing. Having to call work yet again to say you won’t be able to make it could get you into trouble, especially if this happens every-time you have a period.

All women are not created equally, every single one of us is different. However, suffering from heavy periods is not uncommon so you shouldn’t think you’re alone. It could be that you’ve tried everything from painkillers that are developed specifically for period pain to prescription strength painkillers. Whilst this helps with the pain, it doesn’t stop it and it certainly won’t stop the heavy flow you’re experiencing.

If you are at the end of your tether, you should look for a doctor who specializes in heavy bleeding in Carrollton. These doctors are friendly, open and will make you feel comfortable when talking to them about your problem. There are various methods used to help stop the pain and flow of your periods; however, the most recent method being used is NovaSure.

This system is completely painless and will only take about 5 minutes to perform. It’s also not as invasive as you might think. All that will happen is you’ll have a slender wand inserted into your cervix, once in place a mesh within the wand will expand to fit the exact shape and size of your uterus. Your doctor will then send a radio frequency through the mesh which takes about 90 seconds.

Once completed, everything is removed leaving nothing behind. This very simple procedure produces fantastic results. It’s been reported by doctors who specialize in heavy bleeding in Carrollton that about 90% of women are free of pain and the heavy flow of their periods after undergoing this procedure. In some women, the menstrual flow stops completely.

Whilst using NovaSure is the perfect way to finally get your life back you should be aware that it may reduce your ability to become pregnant. Before you decide to go ahead with this, talk to your doctor about your current contraception methods and how this may affect you. Your doctor will also discuss what your plans are in terms of having children and how NovaSure may affect you.

The fact is if you want to be free from the pain of your periods and you want to stop the heavy flow, it’s definitely worth discussing with your doctor. You shouldn’t ignore the problem and hope it will just go away. You also shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one. Millions of women suffer in this way and think there isn’t any help available. This simply isn’t true and even if the method detailed above isn’t for you, there are other things your doctor can do to help you.

Free yourself of the pain you experience with your periods. Find a doctor who specializes in heavy bleeding in Carrollton. www.Docvera.com has a friendly team of doctors to help.

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