Health Symptoms of Mold in Arlington – Mold Remediation Can Save Your Life

Mold growing in your home poses many serious risks to your health. Symptoms of a mold infestation may appear right away or take time to develop. If you have any symptoms of mold, either visual or physical, you need to contact a company that specializes in mold remediation. Arlington has many home restoration companies that can help in cases of mold, both minor and extreme.

Visual signs of mold include dark spots on walls, floors, or ceilings. The spots may be black, brown, blue, or green in color, and upon closer inspection will appear like a furry growth. Other visual signs of mold include mildew, which appears on fabrics and furniture. If you see any of the above signs you need mold remediation. Arlington has many companies and contractors which can assist you today.

Health symptoms of mold include:

1. Eczema – A skin rash which appears red, flaky, and typically itches or burns. Eczema is a common problem in mold infested homes. Mold needs damp conditions to grow, meaning the air is damp and results in a rash from aggravation. Other skin problems can arise from mold as well, so it’s important to not overlook any rash on your skin.

2. Frequent Colds – When you have mold in your home you are breathing in mold spores on a regular basis. The problem may be exacerbated if you spend much of your time at home, as your immune system has to work overtime to clear out the spores. As a result, you will probably get other common illnesses.

3. Fatigue – While your immune system is busy fighting off illnesses and mold spores, you will typically notice fatigue. In addition, you may have problems sleeping, due to the damp air or trouble breathing.

4. Asthma – Breathing in mold spores is hard on your body, especially when you have other health issues. Asthma may appear out of nowhere or may get worse if you have mold growing in your home.

5. Feeling Cold – You may start feeling cold in your home from the dampness. Mold and dampness go hand in hand, and when you’re damp, it’s harder to warm up. Not to mention cold walls are a breeding ground for condensation and mold may begin growing within your walls.

6. These are some of the minor health symptoms of mold. These symptoms can begin to worsen or happen more frequently as the mold continues to spread. If you, or anyone in your family, exhibits these symptoms, it’s important to have your home inspected. If you do have mold growing you need a specialist in mold remediation. Arlington has many mold removal experts which can help in your time of need. 

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