Spend the Day at the Dallas Zoo

If you are going to be in Dallas, Texas on a family trip, or you are planning a vacation, you may want to consider taking the kids to the Dallas Zoo as part of your itinerary. One of the foremost Dallas attractions, the zoo was the first to be built in the entire southwestern United States. Though Dallas attractions are many, this is one that you should try at least once, particularly if you are blessed with a beautiful Texas day and have some time to spend absorbing it all.

The Dallas Zoo is located on over 100 acres and features several areas to investigate and species of animals to see, so it isn’t likely to encompass less than three hours of your time. Most people who visit prefer to make a day of it and enjoy it in full measure. As one of the biggest Dallas attractions, you won’t be alone if you come back a second day, as well.

Divided into two segments, the most immediate to first-time visitors is usually Zoo North, which is the original grounds for the establishment. The exhibits here encompass a great variety of species ranging from Galapagos tortoises to a black rhino, monkeys, birds and reptiles. A tiger habitat and a children’s petting zoo featuring pony rides may also be found in this section. In the other section, somehow not called Zoo South but rather “Wilds of Africa” opened in 1990 and showcases information on its namesake, including African rainforests, mountains, rivers, deserts, African bush and mountains. Penguins are included here, as are chimpanzees and a two-acre Gorilla Research Center.

Crocodile Isle is one of the Dallas attractions at the zoo that may be familiar to young fans of Dora the Explorer, but at the Dallas Zoo, it is a chance to watch crocodiles from behind glass as they lay there in the sun, and then later, as they again lay there in the sun. They may also occasionally swim, and they eat for show in public at a scheduled time, which is also fun to watch.

A more recent display that opened in 2010 in the Wilds of Africa is “Giants of the Savanna,” an 11-acre area that contains five big elephants, giraffes, warthogs, lions, ostriches, impala, zebras, cheetahs, as well as numerous other animals that had key roles in The Lion King.

An award-winning zoo and proud Dallas attraction for visitors from all around the globe, the Dallas Zoo is a great place to spend a day or two with family or friends.

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