Helpful Tips For Purchasing Jewelry

If you have plans to purchase diamond jewelry, it can be rather complicated if you are not well-informed. There are so many different options available and a lot of zeros on the price tags, which means that you have to figure out where to start. The good news is that with some tips, you can make your Jewelry purchase in Nanuet Ny‏ successful.

Avoid the Prestige Names

The well-known and popular stores such as Cartier and Tiffany spend a large amount of money, effort and time creating a reputation that signifies quality. But what is this really worth to you? For example, according to jewelry experts, adding the name “Tiffany” to a bracelet, can result in you having to pay 80 percent more than you would for another brand. Shopping at a local jewelry store will likely provide you with high quality pieces, but a price tag that is actually affordable.

Silver is Definitely In

In the past, gold was the “go to” type of jewelry; however, silver is definitely in style today. This is in part due to the high prices that gold has reached. Try to find products that are marked as being sterling silver, which is actually 925 silver. German silver and nickel silver labeled jewelry actually has not actual silver in it. If you have to have gold, then you should consider purchasing a lower karat. While 24k is pure gold, you can also shop 18k or 14k.

Consider Pearls

Another classic option, that is also more affordable, is pearls. There are three different kinds of pearls: imitation, cultured and natural. Don’t purchase natural pearls, these are harvested one at a time, and chances are you will not even be able to find them. Imitations are going to be the lowest priced option, but since you want something that is a bit more high-class, cultured is the way to go. The cost of the pearl is going to be based on the size. You should try to find one that has a shiny surface and depth. Do not purchase pearls that are cloudy or dull.

Purchase a Real Gem

A precious stone will not ever go out of style, but you should make sure that you purchase the right one. Much like pearls, there are three different categories, natural, which means they are dug from the ground; synthetic, which means they are actually made in a lab and imitation, which means they are created in China. Much like pearls, you should consider synthetic, which are real gems, just not found in nature.


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