What Can You Expect From Your Criminal Attorney?

If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense that may put you in prison you will definitely need a seasoned criminal attorney in Glen Ellyn on your side.

Unless you are eligible to get a court appointed attorney you need to hire the best there is for your defense. The US legal system is extremely complex and no matter what you think, representing yourself in a criminal case will result in disaster. Although the charge may be the same there are no two cases the same. A skilled criminal defense attorney can identify those portions of the case that makes it unique and as a result can identify factors that may very well negate or at least mitigate the alleged crime. There is no getting around it, if you are charged with committing a crime you need a skilled criminal attorney in Glen Ellyn to represent you.

A criminal attorney has numerous roles to fill during his representation of your case, it’s not a simple matter of calling witnesses for the defense and cross examining witnesses brought forward by the prosecution, he also has many other tasks, such as;

  • Negotiate a plea bargain which can reduce the potential sentence or even eliminate or reduce in severity the charges you are facing.
  • Develop a sentencing program for your situation which is acceptable to the court. If the offense was drug related as an example and you stand to be given a 12 months sentence, a good criminal attorney may get the sentence reduced, perhaps six months in jail with the remaining time spent in rehab.

A criminal attorney can be of big help psychologically as the case progresses. Your attorney’s council may help you cope with the embarrassment and depression that often accompanies this situation. The criminal attorney will have had considerable experience defending people and is better attuned to the day to day activities in the court. These experiences can help the attorney give you a reality check, telling you what may happen next. The wealth of experience had by the defendant’s attorney will prove helpful should he be offered a plea bargain by the prosecution.

The criminal attorney in Glen Ellyn knows the law inside out and knows how to employ this knowledge in defense of the client. The lawyer can explain in detail the ramifications of entering a guilty plea including what are known as “hidden costs,” one of which is the potential difficulty you may face in getting employment once you have served your sentence.

With the complexities of criminal law you would be very unwise to attempt to represent yourself in court. You will need a seasoned criminal attorney in Glen Ellyn at your side to ensure your rights under law.

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