Preparing A Social Security Disability Claim

When a person becomes disabled, either physically or mentally the question arises; can the disabled individual successfully prepare and lodge a claim for Social Security disability benefits or it is wise to hire a disability attorney in Birmingham at this stage of the game? Going strictly by statistics, a full 75 percent of the initial claims for SSDI are denied and that the percentile does not change all that much regardless whether the applicant does the work independently or with legal representation.

With this being the case the greatest majority of applications end up in front of an administrative judge anyway before the claimant can even hope to receive benefits. It is at this stage of the application process when having a disability attorney can be of tremendous benefit, the attorney can be very beneficial and influential in helping you to win your claim. No attorney regardless of what facet of law he or she deals with mostly will ever guarantee a win, this is true for disability attorneys as well but what a disability attorney in Birmingham can guarantee is that your case will be submitted for review in the proper format and supported by complete documentation long before the personal meeting with the administrative judge.

Developing a case for disability benefits

It sounds very simple; fill out a handful of forms, submit them and start receiving benefits. The sad truth is that the greatest majority of people making application have no legal understanding of how the application should be prepared. This of course is not an issue when you work with a disability attorney who is intimate with all the convoluted rules and regulations that the SSA have put in place. Having been involved in so many cases in the past the attorney knows almost by osmosis what the judge expects to see; the attorney also knows the questions to pose to the attending physician so that the case is solidly prepared prior to the hearing.

A disability attorney in Birmingham can do a host of things that will give your claim the best chance of being approved. The attorney will gather all the relevant medical records and test results needed to support the claim, get detailed statements from the various doctors that have been involved and present this information and data effectively during the adjudication process.
Although it is possible for an applicant for benefits who is not represented by a disability attorney to win a case, it doesn’t happen often. The chances of winning the case with professional representation are much higher than when the claimant presents the case independently.

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