Do You Really Need An Auto Accident Lawyer?

In just about any accident involving an automobile there always seems to be a lot more questions than there are answers. The questions include wanting to know exactly who was at fault, who will take responsibility for having the damage repaired, what about a rental car while the damaged vehicle is in the shop and what about the medical bills. These are only a small representation of the questions that Chicago auto accident lawyers can help to answer; these legal professionals also know how to cut through the chaos associated with insurance claims and settlements. As most personal injury lawyers work on contingency which simply means that they only get there fee in the event they win the case for their client it makes a great deal of sense to use them rather than even attempt to become involved in areas that laypeople should think twice about entering.

Knowledge of the law:

The moment you engage a lawyer after you have been involved in an automobile accident you have a professional at your side; a person with in-depth knowledge of the law in all its nuances as well as complete familiarity with the procedural rules that have an impact on your particular situation.

Chicago auto accident lawyers know the time limit that must be met to file a lawsuit. These incidents are impacted by a statute of limitations that, if not met, can impact your right to sue.

An auto accident lawyer deals with cases of this nature often and as a result the lawyer knows the best way to handle any issues that might be raised by the defendant. The lawyer is well aware of all the rules of court as well as the procedures that are expected by the court and the court officers and as such can prepare your case properly in anticipation of going to trial.

Does the legwork:

It is a known fact that insurance companies work for no one other than themselves, their objective is to keep any award to the absolute minimum. An auto accident lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and their legal team. Attempting to prepare for trial and deal with the insurance companies at the same time is something that only a legal professional should attempt.

A seasoned attorney will know exactly how to organize all the evidence and prepare a demand letter to the insurers. If this initial demand does not result in a favorable response the attorney will know how to file the paperwork that is needed to take the case to court.

The beauty of having Chicago auto accident lawyers by your side is that you have an advocate that will act only for your benefit, championing the case in the court if necessary to make sure you are not denied your rightful compensation.

You should never attempt to settle a complex legal issue without the competent assistance of a lawyer. If you have been involved in an auto accident through no fault of your own you need Chicago auto accident lawyers to deal with the insurance company, their lawyers and the court if necessary. You are invited to discuss the circumstances of your accident with The Shea Law Group.

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