Helping Kids Overcome the Fear of Going to the Dentist in Casa Grande

One of the biggest phobias that adults have is going to the dentist. That’s because they grew up fearing the dentist and never changed their attitude about it. As a result, going to the dentist continues to be a dreaded experience and some people simply ignore it altogether. If you have kids, you want to make sure they don’t grow up with the same fear. Your expert dentist in Casa Grande offers these tips to help your children overcome their fear of going for their annual check-ups.

Start Early
Taking your child to the dentist when they are young is a great way to help them have a healthy attitude towards their regular visits. The younger you start taking a child to the dentist in Casa Grande, the less fear they will have when they need to go. This will help them build trust and assurance in the dental professional so they won’t be anxious when they are sitting in the dental chair while having their teeth worked on.

Leave Out the Details
When your child has to go to the dentist, don’t tell them too many details about what’s going to happen because it could cause them to be more anxious than they need to be. If they are going in for a filling and you tell them about the procedure, their imagination might make it worse than what it’s actually going to be. Instead, keep the details to yourself and be very vague about what is going to happen. Just tell them they are going to the dentist to get their teeth fixed. Avoid saying things like, “It’s not going to hurt a bit,” or “Everything will be fine” because there will be times when it will hurt and there will be more necessary procedures and your child won’t trust you. Keep the explanation as simple as possible so your child will have a more positive attitude going into the dentist’s office.

Choose Your Words Carefully
Your kids are likely more perceptive than you think they are. They will pick up on things that you may have even said just in passing. That’s why you should avoid words like “shot” and “pain” or “hurt” when you are getting ready to visit your dentist in Casa Grande. When you get to the office, allow the dental staff to explain to your child what is going to happen. They have experience in these situations and they can help calm your child about the procedure if you let them. Choose words that are positive like “checking your smile” and “clean healthy teeth” and your child will likely want to go to the dentist regularly rather than avoid it when they need to go.

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