Where Are ANSI Pipe Flanges Used?

There are many applications where ANSI Pipe Flanges are considered a necessity. Although they are more commonly used in the plumbing industry, they are also essential in many other industries such as in construction, petrochemical, electrical and electronics industries. These mechanical supplies allow easy and simple connection of pipes and tubing. They also add to the overall strength and stability of structures, particularly those involving pipes. Pipe flanges allow engineers to construct a network of pipes with varying sizes and dimensions. Without flanges, it is quite difficult to assemble pipeline channels.

Although there are a lot of companies that manufacture mechanical steel products such as flanges and piping units, you want to get a trustworthy manufacturer that produces high quality products. Flanges and other mechanical parts may appear to be insignificant, but in reality they are very crucial for the overall strength of a structure or for the optimal function of any equipment.

Because of the crucial important role of flanges, you want to be sure that you pick the one that is certified by the American National Standard Institute. They are guaranteed to have passed the standards set by the regulatory body hence you are assured that they can withstand constant wear and tear situations.

As mentioned above, there are many industries that rely on pipe flanges. In the plumbing industry, flanges ensure that the pipe system can withstand the pressure of the substance that passes along the connections. Perhaps, you may wonder why welding pipes together is not feasible when in fact it appears to be more cost-effective and logical. This is because welded connections may not be able to hold high pressures common with liquid dynamics. By using ANSI Pipe Flanges, you can increase the security of joints and prevent potential problems caused by high pressure movement. Compared with soldered or welded connections, bolted flanges are capable of holding increased pressures. Companies that want to reduce or prevent common plumbing problems should opt for high quality pipe flanges.

Pipe flanges are also very important in some of the fields of mechanical engineering. For instance, your car uses several flanges particularly in the connections between the engine and transmission. Not only that, under your car’s hood are small working parts that need to be protected against grime, oil, and dust. To secure these parts, pipe flanges seal off the connections. These mechanical parts are very crucial for the efficiency of the entire car system.

Similarly, the electronic applications also make use of Pipe Flanges. This is common in electronic devices that entail high pressure. Flanges may also be used to secure or anchor these gadgets. Perhaps, more importantly, flanges are essential for securing connections of devices that require precision and maximum protection such as in cameras. Smaller electronic parts also make use of this technology. For instance, computers have small parts that need to be bolted up to secure attachment. In all of these uses of pipe flanges, you’d want to use a product that passed the quality tests of regulatory bodies.

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