High Quality Shades and Darkening Technology

In today’s fast paced business world flexibility is king. A company must be able to shift its focus to meet rapidly changing markets, create new paradigms, and meet the demands of an increasingly informed consumer base. A high-speed workplace calls for top of the line space solutions and Mecho Shades are the premiere choice of the shading industry. MechoSystems is the shading solution of choice amongst architects, interior designers, healthcare providers, and many other professions.

Urban Mecho Shades are perfect for residences. A home theater can be enhanced with either manual or battery-powered shades; the ease of use of this competitively priced complete window-shading system means you’ll be getting the most out of your theater system. Or install Mecho Shades in conference areas for audio/visual presentations. A wide range of colors and shades lets your personalize your space with high quality solar protection without sacrificing any of your interior design requirements.

Motorized Mecho Shades fill your darkening solutions needs for inaccessible high bays, executive spaces, conference and training facilities. In fact they’re well suited to any public space, with sizes ranging from the corporate boardroom to towering exhibition hall windows. The motorized system allows for easy remote control of Mecho Shades in what would otherwise be impossible to access areas. Our limited lifetime guarantee lets you rest easy knowing that, once installed, replacement is guaranteed in the event of a systems malfunction due to normal wear and tear.

Corporations and private individuals alike can rest easy knowing that Mecho Shades are suited to whatever their needs may be. Double Shades provide multiple degrees of darkening for boardrooms or homes. If the glare from the sun is too strong but you still desire the atmosphere that natural light brings to a room double shades are completely adjustable for minimizing or maximizing darkening potential. If you place a premium on your workplace environment there’s nothing more suitable than Mecho Shades.

The space inhabited directly influences the satisfaction of employees and clients alike, and is crucial to productivity and workplace satisfaction. Improper lighting can swiftly lead to irritation. Having to function with the glare of the sun on a screen is frustrating and hard on the eyes as well. The ease of use of Mecho Shades ensures that you’ll never have to worry about these problems, and our warranty guarantee provides you with the comfort of knowing that your shading system is always well supported.

CubeCare is a contracted installer of MechoSystems shading technology as well as innovative solutions for cubicle privacy solutions. We offer a wide selection of products suitable for medical facilities, corporate, or private use. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied and understand every detail of the products and support we provide. Please visit our website online or call us at 877-556-6477 to speak with a CubeCare representative. At CubeCare you can expect excellence.

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