Why Chain Link Fences Are Not Just For Baseball Fields Anymore

You’ve probably seen plenty of chain link fences at baseball games, but they are not just for baseball fields anymore. If you’re looking into installing a new fence for your yard, or garden, a chain link could be the perfect choice for your home.

If you don’t have a lot of time to devote into painting and staining a fence, or if you don’t want to obstruct any type of view that you have, chain link fences have many advantages.  They are a low cost alternative to vinyl and wood fencing.  If you have a lot of land to fence, going with wood or vinyl can get extremely expensive. That is why chain link fences are ideal for large yards or several acres of land.  Even if you don’t have a large area to fence off, chain link may still be the way to go if you are looking for something you can afford. If you can install the fence yourself, you will save even more money, but that is a project that you might not want to tackle.

Another benefit of chain link fences is that they very durable and can last a long time.  They are coated with corrosion resistant zinc that protects against harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and ice.  You won’t have to worry about rust forming on your chain link fence, even if the mesh breaks.  The wires are chemically treated to prevent rust from forming. Chain link fences offer the ability to see what is on the other side of the fence. You can see through chain link fences but you can’t see through wood or vinyl.  This is one of the reasons many people choose to install chain link fences.  

You can find slight variations of chain link fences, just look for the type that is right for you. Chain link fence can come in different thicknesses. The thinnest type of wire available is an 11 gauge, while the heavy duty kind is a 9 gauge.   It’s also important to consider the diameter of the mesh wire.  If you are building a fence mainly for security, you may need a heavier wire.  If you are using it to enclose a play area, you won’t need a heavy, tight wire.

Even though chain link fences are already protected against harsh weather conditions, you can find chain links with an extra layer of protection of vinyl coating.

If you are interested in fencing your yard, a chain link fence is a great choice if you are looking for something low cost and low maintenance.  Talk to a fence company about installing your chain link fence if you don’t want to hassle with the installation yourself.


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