Maintain Healthy Trees With A Tree Service in Phoenix

As the owner of a home that has a fair number of trees, you have a responsibility to take care of the trees, which means more than simply raking up the fallen leaves and broken twigs a couple of times a year. You also have to keep an eye on the tree and make sure that it stays in optimal health.

Most people don’t realize that trees, like humans can be prone to illness and injury. The trick to keeping your own trees in good health so that you can get a lifetime of enjoyment from them will be learning as much as you can about the type of tree you have. Certain trees, like the ash and Box Elder have very specific illnesses that can strike them. Other types of trees can attract insects like the Emerald Ash Bore, once these insects get into the trees, they can eventually do so much damage that the tree dies. In Arizona, palm tree bulb rot can be a huge problem.

In addition to learning about the types of illnesses and bugs that could wreak havoc on your trees, you will also want to keep an eye on the physical condition of your trees. Sometimes branches get so damaged that they can’t survive. When you notice a damaged branch, you shouldn’t simply ignore it. What you should do is put in a phone call to a tree service Phoenix and make arrangements to have them come out to your house and check out the situation.

More often than not, the advice you get will be to have the damaged section of the tree removed. This will be for your well being as well as the overall health of the tree. It the damaged branch is allowed to remain on the tree, it could swing and sway, damaging the tree further. Another scenario has the limb breaking off completely and falling from the tree only to land on a human or pet that might be in your yard.

Not only will the professional tree service Phoenix be able to offer advice about what type of care the tree needs, they will also be able to remove the broken bits without doing additional damage to the tree.

The best thing about making sure that you have a tree service Phoenix company handle the removal of the broken bits of tree will be that they can also provide you with advice about the health and care the other trees you have in your yard. This would be a great time to make arrangements to have the remaining trees pruned, which will not only improve the appearance of the tree, but will also encourage new growth so that by the time a full year has rolled around, the tree will look thicker and fuller than ever before.

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