Hiring a Business Attorney in Omaha NE for Liquor License Law

The legal age to drink alcohol in the United States is 21; therefore if a business serves alcohol to anyone below this age, they will face the repercussions. A liquor license is something that a business owner must have if they will be selling alcohol to customers and if you have failed to obtain yours, you will need to contact a business attorney in Omaha NE. A business attorney in Omaha NE will point you in the right direction and reduce the chances of you being charged following an incident relating to liquor licensing. If you have violated the terms of a license, learn the basics of this law.

What is a Liquor License?

It is not just stores that require a liquor license but also, restaurants, hotels, community centers and anywhere else that serves alcoholic beverages on a regular basis. The license is essentially a document which when obtained, gives the business owner permission legally sell alcohol at their establishment. A business attorney in Omaha NE will understand the federal and state laws associated with selling alcohol and they can use this knowledge to point you in the right direction. If you don’t yet have a license you should contact your local state agency and file an application. There are various types of liquor licenses and the type you apply for will depend on what alcohol you are selling.

Violating the Terms of a Liquor License

Have you been accused of violating the terms of a liquor license? If so, you can contest against it by getting legal assistance in the form of a business attorney in Omaha NE. Whether you have violated the terms or have been wrongly accused, the attorney will be able to help you. It is possible that you will face disciplinary action if you are accused of misconduct and the only way to fight for your rights is to attend the administrative hearing. With professional help you can gain representation in front of a judge.

How an Attorney Can Help

A business attorney in Omaha NE will not only represent you in court but also, they will feed your knowledge so that you understand the dangers of selling alcohol to minors or selling alcohol without authorization. You can then get the appropriate liquor license and sidestep disciplinary action. Make sure you check the experience and client testimonials of the attorney before signing a contract.

The complexities associated with the liquor license law makes it difficult for a business owner to get positive results alone, which is why a business attorney in Omaha NE is such a valuable form of assistance. An administrative hearing will take place after you violate the terms and with professional assistance you can avoid disciplinary action.

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