Hiring a Defense Lawyer in Knoxville

by | Sep 17, 2012 | legal

You committed a crime, you have been arrested and you need a defense attorney. It is true there are criminals who have represented their own case in court, and there also have been those who have lost their case. Is if they had hired a defense lawyer in Knoxville, the case could have turned out differently.

The only reason to hire a defense lawyer is not just to win your case; it is to know how to navigate through the legal system and to know the full extent of your rights along the way. There may be defense attorneys who have “specialties” like murder or rape, burglary, but generally, a good defense attorney can maneuver through all the specialties so they can represent you in any situation.


The how of getting a defense lawyer in Knoxville may vary. If you have no money, you will be appointed a public defender. If you have the ability to pay, you will be responsible for a hefty retainer fee of $5,000 to $25,000. Once you pay the retainer, he is your attorney and everything that is said between you and he is confidential. The lawyer could end up being your best friend through the process.

If you have the money to hire one, there are often lists in the courthouse of lawyers who have represented criminals in the past in that court. You can also open the yellow pages and choose one from there. If you are in jail, you will have to get a friend or a family member to do further research for you.

Another option is sometimes defense attorneys follow who has committed a crime and who has been arrested. They may visit you in jail one morning. That way you can interview him and get a better feel for how you want to hire one.

How Much

It is important when you decide on the defense lawyer in Knoxville to get all the fees in writing so you are not surprised at the end. Read the fine print and ask for a copy for your records.

A defense lawyer in Knoxville can be expensive, but if he is a good one and pleads your case to a lesser charge or gets the charges dropped altogether, the cost is well worth it.




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