Hiring A Whistleblower Lawyer To Expose A Federally-based Crime

To hire whistleblower lawyer, you should consult a local attorney who practices within this law field. According to the Whistleblower Act, you have the right to provide testimony whenever you witness federal crimes. Among these crimes are money laundering, embezzlement, and racketeering. By consulting an attorney you establish your legal rights when you come forward with this evidence. An attorney can protect your from legal action or retaliation. To consult an attorney today, visit the Law Offices of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley.

Exposing Federally-based Crimes

It is dangerous avenue to venture when you make the conscious choose to testify against an employer who has committed a federal crime. However, as a witness it is necessary for you to come forward and seek justice. In these cases, you will need to acquire legal counsel to protect you against retaliation and to help you present your case in court. As a witness of a federally-based crime it is possible that you may be placed within witness protection based on the severity of the crime. If this is the case, your attorney will work with you through this system to ensure your safety.

Local Whistleblower Attorney

The Law Offices of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley present you with legal assistance in exposing federally-based crimes committed through your place of employer. You have the right under the Whistleblower Act to testify against your employer in legal proceedings whenever you have witnessed these crimes. The attorneys within this law firm present you with effective counsel and will assist you in testifying or filing a report with the Department of Justice against this employer. To consult an attorney call the Law Offices of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley.


When you witness crimes performed by your employer or co-workers you should contact a whistleblower lawyer. An attorney can assist you in acquiring protection when necessary to prevent dangerous retaliation by this employer. Your attorney will provide you with legal assistance to keep the accused from retaliating against you for exposes these crimes. If you require an attorney to assist you in exposing federally-based crimes performed by an employer, contact the Law Office of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley.

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